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Engineered to appeal to intermediate-level sport modelers, the TTX650 has the features needed to fly almost any airplane or helicopter. Generous 20 model memory sets this radio apart from comparable systems, and programming is easy and intuitive. The large graphing LCD screen offers adjustable contrast for easy viewing.

Of course, you’ll also enjoy all the benefits of exclusive, proven reliable Secure Link Technology. With just the push of a button an unbreakable link is created between your transmitter and the companion SLT receiver, virtually eliminating any possibility of interference.

With its advanced functionality and budget-friendly price, the TTX650 is remarkable value!


The TTX650 offers remarkable value!

bullet 20 Model memory
bullet Easy-to-use push-button programming controls
bullet Intuitive, straightforward menus
bullet Large, easy-to-read graphing LCD screen with adjustable contrast
bullet User-selectable switch assignments
bullet 4 Programmable mixes and 8 pre-programmed mixes
bullet Airplane and helicopter programming
bullet Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft
bullet Quad-bearing gimbals
bullet Adjustable stick length and tension
bullet Wireless trainer system with selectable channels
bullet Reversing, sub-trim and travel limits on all channels
bullet Dual rates and exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)
bullet Digital trims with slow/fast adjustment
bullet One up/down timer, one battery timer
bullet Adjustable low-voltage alarm
bullet 4 "AA" alkaline batteries included
bullet Charge jack for optional NiCd/NiMH packs
bullet External antenna that rotates and folds for easy storage

The TTX650’s easy-to-use push-button programming controls and menus are intuitive and straightforward. Information is displayed on a large graphing LCD screen with adjustable contrast.


Pilots can assign functions to any of the switches. One momentary switch, two 3-position switches and four 2-position switches allow for total customization.



The TTX650’s firmware is user-updatable, so the transmitter stays as modern as the day you brought it home. The charge jack lets you easily charge optional NiCd/NiMH batteries.




6-point programmable pitch and throttle curves offer maximum tuneability for heli pilots.




The generous 20 model memory is easily accessed from the model select screen. Aircraft & helicopter model types along with a 6 character name make selection quick & easy.


Included in the box

bullet TTX650 2,4 GHz 6-channel transmitter
bullet TR624 2,4 GHz 6-channel receiver
bullet 4 x AA Batteries
bullet Instruction manual: German, English. - French and Czech available for download


Transmitter Functions:
Model Select

Model Management

Trim Settings

CH5 and CH6 Assignment

Channel Assignments

Trainer Function


Servo Reversing (all channels)

Sub-Trims (all channels)

Travel Limits (all channels)

Dual Rates (aileron, elevator, rudder)

Exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)

Channels: 6
Modulation: SLT
Model types: airplane, heli
Updateable firmware: (with optional adapter TACJ2651)
Input voltage: 3.4 to 6.0V, four AA alkalines included
Eight(!) Ball-bearing gimbals
Adjustable stick tensions
Throttle trim digital, inactive if throttle stick > 50% full throttle
Ail, ele, rudder trim digital, locations stored in memory digital
Trim adjustment speeds slow and fast scroll speeds
Control switches seven toggles, user assignable
Display: high resolution 128 x 64 graphing LCD
Programming controls: 6 push buttons
User name: 8 characters
Stick modes: 2
LCD contrast adjustment: +/-20
Beep volume: 0-5
Battery alarm: 3.20 - 5.60V adj, audible with LCD indication
Model memory: 20


Model management

Copy copy current memory to any other 19 memories
Reset with adjustable parameters
Erase all settings and parameters function
Airplane wing types:
1 aileron
2 ailerons, mix 2nd ail to ch6
1 ail 1 flap
2 ail 1 flap
delta wing (elevon)
2 elevators programable
Channel assignments user mappable
Trainer: wireless, compatible w/other Tactic Tx's
Adjustable trim travel increments
Linking process press button in compatible Rx
Timers: battery timer, up / down timer with switch or throttle stick control
CH5 and CH6 set user assignable


Airplane Functions:
Wing Type (normal, V-tail, delta, single aileron, dual aileron, aileron + flap, 2 aileron + flap)

Throttle Curve

Throttle Cut

Aileron Differential

Aileron/Flap Adjust

Aileron Mixer

Elevator Mixer
Air Brake Mixer

Flap Mixer


Helicopter Functions:
Swash Type (1 servo, 2 servo 180°, 3 servos 120°, 3 servos 140°)

Throttle Cut

Throttle Hold

Throttle Curve

Pitch Curve

Gyro Mixing

Swash Mixing

Swash Limiter

Throttle Mixing

Rudder Mixing


Download the manual!

Click the image on the left to download the full manual for the TTX650








Purchase The TTX650

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Tactic TX650 2.4 SLT Combo
Tactic TX650 Combo including 6ch TR624 receiver and all items as described above.