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Shark RR Receiver Ready



Eye-catching and unusual in equal measure, the Shark is an adaptable 3 / 4-channel basic trainer with an undercarriage, hand-launch, and float option.
Created specifically as a beginner’s model but with a performance that can grow in tandem with its owner’s ability, the Shark is a very special aeroplane indeed. In standard form, then, it’s a docile 3-channel rudder / elevator model that’s perfect for basic training and learning the dark art of R/C co-ordination. Once you’ve got that under your belt it’ll be time to harness the aileron option, fit the undercarriage, and experience the joys of full 4-channel control. But it doesn’t end there! Using the optional float kit you can further extend the model’s versatility by flying off water, and even snow! Moreover, if you like your foam models to remain in tip-top condition, order yourself the protective belly plate and keep her scuff-free. Oh, and by the way, when you’ve finished flying for the day the Shark can be easily dismantled and packed back in its box for safe transit. Highly practical and perfect for taking on holiday!


Key features
bullet Attractive painted finish with decals applied.
bullet Benign beginner-friendly flying qualities.
bullet Powerful brushless motor.
bullet Clear canopy with racing-style pilot.
bullet Wide range of optional upgrades (floats, aileron control, undercarriage, and more).
bullet Packs away into its original box for storage and transport.


What's in the box

1 x 100% factory assembled airframe.
1 x Pre-installed Permax BL-O 2816-1450 electric motor.
1 x Pre-installed MULTIcont BL-12 SD speed controller.
1 x 5.5 x 4.5" propeller.
2 x MS-12015 servos.
1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.


This is the Receiver Ready Version ready to fit your own R/C gear and fly!


bullet Wingspan (mm): 1070
bullet Length (mm): 870
bullet Total surface area (sq. dm): 19.5
bullet All-up weight (g): 500


Upgrades for your Shark

deal 2

Shark Undercarriage Skid Set


Replacement Undercarriage Skid Set for the Shark



deal 2

Shark Float Set


Turn your Mentor into a float plane with this fantastic float kit. Enjoy the pleasures of water flying and can also be used for flying off snow.


deal 2

Shark Aileron Conversion Set


Convert your Shark into a 'full-house' model with this Aileron Conversion Set.


deal 2

Shark Undercarriage Wheel Set


Wheeled undercarriage set for the Shark. Fit this upgrade for real landings on smooth or short grass surfaces.


pdfTo download a PDF of the instruction (for all version) book please click here

Watch the Video
You can watch the official Multiplex Factory video below which gives some further insights into this superb model.
PLEASE NOTE: Some components shown are available with the RTF version only.