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Budget radios are great. They provide the newcomer with a great introduction to the sport of R/C flying and also make excellent second sets for the more experienced modeller. The problem often can come when you want to upgrade. Budget sets are just that so if you go over to a mainstream brand your intiial purchase is redundant.
Enter the new KA-6 from Ikonnik! This radio uses the Hitec Protocol and is compatible with all Hitec 2.4 systems so when you have outgrown the KA-6 you can upgrade to a new Hitec system and take your receivers with you! And as Hitec AFHSS is considered to be one of the most bullet proof RF systems on the market you have the confidence you are flying with some of the best R/C technonolgy in the world.

The IKONNIK KA-6 is a full range. 2.4GHz, 6-channel radio thats simple to use yet offers all the basic features you need for sport models, park flyers and many quads on the market
Don't buy any other budget system without taking a very serious look at this!

Bullet-proof 2.4GHz Hitec Red protocol fully compatible with Hitec Systems
bullet Digital trims on all four primary channels.
bullet Servo reversing on all four primary channels.
bullet Adjustable stick length and tension.
bullet Switched 5th and 6th channels.
bullet Delta mixing option.
bullet Easy swap between Mode 1 and 2.
bullet Metal carry handle and folding antenna.
bullet Neck strap eyelet.


What's in the box
1 x Quick-Start Guide
bullet 1 x KA-6 6-channel 2.4GHz transmitter
bullet 1 x 6-channel full range 2.4GHz receiver

bullet 1 x Quick-Start Guide

bullet 1 x Instruction Manual


Requires 4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter

Want to know more
Download the Manual and Quick Start Guide

Click an image on the left to download the full manual or Quick Start Guide for the Ikonnik KA-6 system



To Purchase

deal 2

Ikonnik KA-6 TX/RX Combo
Combo with 6ch Transmitter and KA6 Receiver.





Ikonnik KA-6 6ch Receiver with Hitec Protocol
The KA-6 receiver is not only compatible with their own R/C sets but is also fully compatible with all Hitec 2.4 ghz systems, and at an amazing price.

At this price point Hitec users can built their fleet without breaking the bank!


Ikonnik KA-6 Throttle Ratchet and Screws
Of interest to boat modellers use this replacement throttle ratchet to convert your KA6 to throttle on both sticks.


Ikonnik KA-6 KA-6 Single Spring Return Kit
Convert your KA-6 to dual action return on both sticks (no throttle ratchet) with this Single Spring Return Kit.