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R/C technology has been growing at a breathtaking pace and we are pleased to present the next generation, Graupner/SJ's HOTT technology and this, the all new 9 channel MZ-18. It is all too easy to call a new product revolutionary but this radio breaks all the rules to present a system so comprehensive that it is causing the opposition to sit up and look!
HOTT has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of modern telemetry technology. HoTT is the fastest growing radio brand in Europe, due to its superior features using Graupner/SJ’s unique 2.4GHz ‘Hopping Telemetry Transmission’ bi-directional protocol. HoTT radios use two way communications to give ultra-fast high resolution control combined with live telemetry data direct from your model. Telemetry options include signal strength, altitude, airspeed, climb/sink (vario), fuel level, receiver battery voltage monitoring, individual Li-Po cell monitoring, engine temperature, RPM, GPS position and many more.

The MZ-24 puts the HOT in HOTT, leading the way in radio control technology. A beautiful styled radio incorporating a 3.5” colour, user friendly, touch screen display. Fully equipped with a 30 model memory, smart voice announcement, multi-binding system, and advanced HOTT wired or wireless trainer system. With Real Time Data Analysis (with optional sensors).

If you don't need more than 9 channels and the MZ-24 is too big a step then this, the MZ-18 is just what you have been looking for. The absolute very best at an unbeatable price. Look no further, you won't be disappointed.

What’s in the box

MZ-18 transmitter
USB PC interface set
USB interface adaptor wire
2000mAh NiMH battery
Transmitter Charger
GR-16 receiver
USB Cable
USB adapter wire


Channels: 9
Dimensions (LxWxH) 194 x 287 x 112 mm
Operating voltage 3,4...6,0 V
Frequency 2400...2483,5 MHz
All-up weight, approx. 840 g
Modulation FHSS
Range approx. 4000 m
Charging rate 510 mA
Temperature range -10...+55 °C
Aerial length 120 mm



HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bi-directional 2.4 GHz technology
The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference.
3.5" colour TFT LCD with specialised touch screen and user friendly interface
Smart voice announcement system (Speaker and Earphone) for warnings and alarms at real time.

Wireless and wired trainer system with individual channel allocation
2000mAh NiMH battery and charger included
Real-time data analysis with optional sensors (GPS, Fuel status, Temperature, Voltage, Current) and sensor board (General air module, General engine module)
Real-time telemetry analysis for Brushless Control Telemetry ESC such as PRM, consumption current, voltage, ESC temperature.
Real-time telemetry analysis for Brushless Control Telemetry ESC such as PRM, consumption current, voltage, ESC temperature.
Advanced HoTT wired/ wireless trainer system
Muti binding receiver system - 2 receivers can be connected in parallel to use additional servos
High precision quad ball bearing gimbals (total 8 each ) for a smooth and comfortable stick feeling
Standard micro SD Memory cards to share model setup, expand model memory
30 model on-board memories (unlimited using supplied SD Card)
Model copy function for model memories
Updateable with the latest Graupner/SJ Firmware Programming options
6 Q. link function
3 model type (Helicopter, Airplane, Glider)


Programming Functions
30 model memories(Available to expand model memory, using SD card)
6 functions
3 Model types(Helicopter, Airplane, Glider)

Helicopter Function function x 6
6 swash plate types (1 Servo, 2 Servo 180, 3 Servo 120, 3 Servo 140, 3 Servo(Elevator), 4 Servo 90)
Pitch Curves (7-point)
Throttle Curves(7-point)
Pitch, Throttle Trim function x 6
Swash Limit function
Swash mix function
Program mixing x 8(Liner Program mixing x 5, Curve mixing x 3)
Throttle mixing function(AILE>>THRO, ELEV>>THRO, RUDD>>THRO)

Airplane Function function x 6
8 wing type(Delta wing included)
3 tail type
Throttle Curve function
Program mixing x 8(Liner Program mixing x 5, Curve mixing x 3)
Snap roll function
Aileron Diff function
Flap sett function
Airbrake function
Idle Low function


Glider Function function x 6
8 wing type(Delta wing included)
3 tail type
Program mixing x 8(Liner Program mixing x 5, Curve mixing x 3)
Aileron Diff function
Flap sett function
Butterfly function


Graupner/SJ HoTT Features
Simple, extremely fast binding
Range test and warning function
Low-voltage warning
Extremely broad receiver operating voltage range from 3.6V to 8.4V (functional to 2.5V)
Fast response time if 10ms is set in PERIODD since four transmitter channels are received at once
Failsafe, free channel allocation (channel mapping): mixer functions and all servo settings can be programmed simply on transmitter LCD by using telemetry function
Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (max. of 32 channels)
SUMD, SUMO functions ensure the convenient use of peripherals through gyro and control board
Maximum immunity to interference through optimized frequency hopping and broad channel spread
Intelligent data transmission with correction simultaneously
Extremely fast rebinding, even at max. distance
Telemetry analysis in real time
Over 200 systems can be used simultaneously
Future-proof through update capability via USB interface
Graupner/SJ Firmware update through GR STUDIO PC Software



We have only limited space here to tell you all about the fantastic features of the Graupner SJ MZ-18 system so why not download the instruction manual where you can browse the full feature set and programming options of this cutting edge system. Simply click the cover on the left to start your PDF download. Please be patient as this is a large file and the book is over 100 pages long - enjoy!



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Graupner SJ MZ-18 Combo
Graupner SJ MZ-18 9ch Combo with all items as described above.


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