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The entry level radio in the MX series, the MX-10 is a 5 channel system for those that don't need a full computer system yet still packs an impressive array of features, and being a Graupner build quality and reliability is built in!

The MX series are well proven and ultra reliable radios designed to give many years of service and pleasure.


Aerial length [mm]: 120
Battery cell type: Lithium
Operating voltage neutral [V]: 3,4 ... 4.8
Width [mm]: 175
Display?: No
Flight phase: Yes
Frequency: 2400 ... 2484,5
All-up weight [g]: 630
Height [mm]: 115
HoTT - Technology: Yes
Channels: 5
Overall length [mm]: 190
Teacher- / student-system: Yes
Micro SD: Yes
Mixer: Yes
Range approx. [m]: 4000
Transmitter series: mx
Transmitter type: Hand
Voice output: No
Language variant: GB
Current consumption [mA]: 125
Telemetry capable: Yes
Temperature range [°C]: -15 ... 55
Touch Display: No
USB connection:



Programming with switches
Dual rate switch 70% / 100%
Wireless teacher/student mode
Wireless simulator drive via the receiver's buzzing signal
Mixer for ailerons, delta wings or V-stabiliser in the transmitter
Additional mixers via the receiver possible
Servo reverse function
Mode 1-4 can be programmed
3 pin serial connection for firmware updates and for the display of the telemetry data with the Smart-Box
Bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver
Wireless L/S-function.




We have only limited space here to tell you all about the fantastic features of the Graupner SJ mx-10 system so why not download the instruction manual where you can browse the full feature set and programming options. Simply click the cover on the left to start your PDF download.




To Purchase

The MZ-10 is available either as Transmitter only or a Combo with GR-12 Recaeiver.
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Graupner SJ MX-10 Transmitter Only
Graupner SJ MX-10 Transmitter


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deal 2

Graupner SJ MX-10 Cobo with GR-12 Receiver
Graupner SJ MX-10 Combo with GR-12 Receiver


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