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EasyGlider 4 + (Plus)


With evolution rather than revolution firmly in mind this latest version of the massively popular EasyGlider takes the existing well-mannered, robust, electric soarer and brings it seamlessly inline with other models in the Multiplex range. Now equipped with a detachable fin and tailplane, a new trim scheme, an ultra-light high-strength square GRP spar and light / rigid M-Space construction the EasyGlider 4 offers enhanced gliding characteristics and a low cruise speed that makes it even easier to find thermals. But that’s not all, the EasyGlider 4 makes a great all-round sportster that performs basic aerobatics (including inverted flight and stall-turns) with a grace that’ll add a whole new dimension to your flying. In essence, the EasyGlider 4 is a model for all skill levels and all occasions.


bullet Optimised gliding characteristics.
bullet Robust Elapor construction.
bullet Very low cruise speed.
bullet Ultra efficient brushless motor for a brisk climb and long flights.
bullet Efficient folding propeller.
bullet Transport friendly detachable wings fin and tailplane.
bullet Ample fuselage space accommodates a wide range of battery sizes.
bullet Easy fit canopy for speedy battery changes.
bullet Accommodates aileron up landing aid.
bullet Beginner-friendly flying characteristics.


Wingspan (mm): 1800
Length (mm): 1080
Total surface area (sq. dm): 40
All-up weight (g): 1100


What's in the box

1 x Pre-built and decorated EasyGlider 4 airframe.
1 x Roxxy C28-34-850kV brushless motor (installed).
1 x 20A Roxxy BL-Control 720 S-BEC ESC (installed).
1 x 9 x 6” Folding propeller (installed).
2 x Tiny-S servos (installed).
2 x Nano-S servos (installed).
1 x RX-5 M-Link ID9 receiver (installed).
1 x Roxxy Evo 3S 2200mAh LiPo.
1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Needed to Complete

1 x 4 - 6 channel Multiplex 2.4GHz transmitter.
1 x 3S LiPo battery charger.


pdfTo download a PDF of the instruction sheet please click here

Watch the Video
You can watch the official Multiplex Factory video below which gives some further insights into this superb model.